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Reddy calls for cooperation to meet Global Energy Security challenges


Aroon Kumar

New Delhi: India has called for intensifying global efforts for realization of sustainable global energy order for all.


Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Shri Jaipal Reddy said, addressing the 20th World Petroleum Congress at Doha, Qatar, in the past countries focused on Energy Independence and more recently, on Energy Security and if we have to evolve Energy Solutions for all, it is a forward movement.


The Minister said, it also releases us from looking at energy from a security perspective which can bring a sense of isolation as opposed to a cooperative approach required for evolving solutions. 


He said, we are aware of the economic pressures the world is experiencing. The process of economic progress, in several developed and developing nations, has been burdened with this new pressure. Recovery from this slowdown, might take longer. India, being the 4th largest primary energy consumer of the world, while maintaining robust growth rates, faces the uncertainties of global energy market in relation to the oil prices and its corresponding inflation.  


Multi-sectoral cooperation amongst various sectors dependent on energy inputs is another major area where efficiencies can be utilized.   


He reiterated that the solutions to global energy challenge of today lie in intensifying co-operation among all the stakeholders.